Understanding UVA Rays vs. UVB Rays

One of the most important things you can do for your health and overall appearance is to protect the skin on your face, neck, and hands. Taking appropriate skin care measures is crucial to the long-term prevention of aging, such as browning spots, that one can get from enjoying that much desired time in the sun.

It is important to know just what you’re up against when you’re taking in rays which largely comes down to two categories: UVA and UVB.

There are some distinct differences between UVA rays and UVB rays, and to care for your skin in the best was possible, it is important to understand them.

Understanding UVA Rays

UVA rays are what you’re probably the most familiar with—this is the classic sunshine that you get all year-round and makes up 95 percent of the UV (ultra-violet) rays that the sun gives off every year. Most people are exposed to UVA rays frequently throughout their lives.

Although these are considered “routine rays,” they shouldn’t be taken lightly: UVA rays are the primary driver behind aging and wrinkling. If your skin is not properly taken care of, sun-kissed skin can lead to much more serious issues over time. UVA rays penetrate your skin deeper than UVB and most often leads to those signs of aging that most of us do our best to avoid.

Understanding UVB Rays

You’ve likely experienced UVB rays before, especially during the summer—this is the sunshine that burns and reddens the skin, usually during the afternoon from the spring season to the fall season but does pose as a risk year-round. It can be absorbed in a variety of different ways, including from reflective surfaces such as water, which hits the skin 80 percent harder. UVB rays most often contribute to painful sunburns as well as black moles.

Both UVA and UVB rays must be taken into consideration any time you’re spending a significant amount of time outside. To spend some time in the sun and prevent wrinkling and aging, it’s important to protect your face, neck, and hands. Although sunscreen can protect a good portion of our skin, unfortunately, sunscreen easily washes off our hands.

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