Sun Gluv Featured on Home Shopping Marketplace Show Nationwide

Many women take many measures to reduce the signs of aging on their hands – expensive topical creams, lotions and procedures. We want to stay looking as young as we can. We say, protect NOW to avoid seeing those signs of early aging and trying to reverse time on your “second face”- your hands. 

Sun Gluv is the simple solution to preventing sun damage on the back of your hands. Our solution is to start protecting now and avoid spending money and time later.  The Home Shopping Channel found us and invited us to guest appear to spread the word about our practical product for the smart, health-conscious woman. 

In May of 2018, Sun Gluv was featured on the “Home Shopping Marketplace” , a program that aired nationwide hitting about 30 million viewers total.

Sun Gluv Feature on Home Shopping Marketplace

Talk about being in the spotlight! The show had nine different airings total; two were focused on the Hamptons, NY, and seven were aired nationwide on cable channels throughout the country between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Although the segment has finished, the “Sun Gluv” show must go on. It is so important to us that we continue sharing our story, talking with satisfied customers, and stressing the importance of protecting your skin from the sun to help prevent signs of aging.

Why Choose Sun Gluv?

Sun Gluv is made to protect the backs of your hands from age spots that are caused by the sun. You can wear them golfing, swimming, walking, gardening, hiking, along with a variety of other outdoor activities. They’re fingerless gloves that cover the backs of your hands, so your fingers are free while wearing them. In just a matter of minutes, you won’t even realize you’re wearing them yet your are getting complete, consistent permanent UPF 50+ protection.

Your hands can be a major giveaway to your age so it’s important to protect them from the sun as much as you can. Although sunscreens are great, they need to be reapplied and often come off with sweat, something that is inevitable when you’re being active outdoors. Sun Gluv offers 98% UVA/UVB sun protection and is chemical-free. They are simply a chic, silky, second skin glove that will wear seamless with your natural glow.

Also, constantly carrying around sunscreen can get tedious and having to take the time to reapply it is inconvenient. Not to mention, cleaning up a bottle of sunscreen that has leaked in a purse is next to impossible. Sun Gluvs will never result in a sticky mess. You can carry them with you anywhere with the Ray of Sun that comes with each purchase.

Sun Gluvs are also affordable than sunscreen: think about how many bottles of sunscreen you typically go through in a summer and how many times you’d need to reapply it to your hands just in a ‘day of being outside and active. You probably use about two bottles a summer, just for yourself. Sun Gluvs are only $24 for a pair, and you can wear them all year and they last with good care. We recommend several pairs so you can keep them in your purse, car, beach bag for easy access on the go. 

Please know that our customers are our priority and we’re happy to answer questions you have about our product. Don’t forget to give us a “like” on Facebook and shop our Etsy page. If you saw us on the Home Shopping Marketplace, let us know!

Sun Gluv comes in four different colors so you can match the gloves closest to your skin tone or to your outfit of the day. Our Sun Gluv is stylish and sophisticated, providing a unique element of fashion to every outfit.  At just $24.00 a pair, what are you waiting for! Visit our website today to start shopping.

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