Our Mission Statement

Gluvs for Healthy Skin

The movement of anti-aging and protecting skin is leading to smart, healthy choices in sun protection. We are joining the movement- Sun protection at a level of UPF 50+ can reduce skin damage, aging of the skin and production of age spots or brown spots therefore keeping hands looking younger.

Gluvs for ALL Women

Designed and created by women for women to fit all hand sizes and blend with skin tones providing a second skin look and feel. Women can choose from three sizes and three skin tones, as well as, onyx. Other components include four-way stretch and dry wicking in a nylon and spandex smooth, soft weave.

Gluvs for the Planet

An environmentally friendly, UPF50+ weave that provides well-balanced, permanent UVA/UVB protection that lasts with simple washing care. NO colorless dyes or chemical UV absorbers that wash out in a short time. Liquid SPF can contain harmful, toxic chemicals. Further, to live up to their true advertised SPF, liquid sunscreens must be reapplied correctly and often. Liquid SPF sunscreens may filter UVB but not always UVA rays which penetrate deep into the dermis and leads to premature aging and brown spots.

Gluvs for Well-being

Women are taking better care of their bodies inside and out. This means staying active- running, biking, swimming, golfing, dog-walking, power-walking, paddle-boarding/kayaking, hiking and outdoor yoga. Exercising outdoors can increase energy levels and decrease stress. It stimulates the mind and exposes us to nature. However, sun protection is necessary to maintain healthy, youthful skin. UV exposure to the hands can also occur while driving and under gel manicure dryers. Choosing reduced sun exposure to the areas of the body that show early signs of aging will help to look and feel healthy and young.