Beach Workouts are the Best but REQUIRE Sun protection

Nothing better than a work out on the beach before the crowd arrives. The sound of the waves and peacefulness is invigorating and a great way to start the day. A very important part of that work out has to be sun protection.  Ocean water AND sand reflect sunlight on the skin, essentially increasing and intensifying the exposure. At the beach, you get both direct and indirect (reflection) exposure beating on the skin. 


Use a high rated SPF liquid for face and body, hat or visor AND Sun Gluvs! They are the one sure way that sweat and water will NOT reduce your protection- the UPF 50+ is consistent. With the quick dry component built in; they are ideal for water sports and activities that produce sweating. 

Burn those calories, build muscle, reduce fat while keeping your skin young, healthy and glowing.

Intense rays by the ocean can increase early signs of aging and skin discoloration