About Us

The company was founded by a mother-daughter team. The idea was created while chatting about aging gracefully and preserving skin, a topic of conversation among many women.  The hands are exposed to daily harmful sun exposure, making them susceptible to premature aging and brown spots.

  • What can women do about this?
  • How can they be protected?

As a result, this team decided to answer this question with a product called — Sun GluvSun Gluv was created with women in mind who want to preserve and protect youthful skin in an active, healthy lifestyle.

Liquid sunscreen on the hands does not provide a practical solution to daily protection from the sun. It requires frequent reapplying to ensure coverage

Sun Gluvs  provide a constant, efficient, comfortable and affordable way to protect the skin during activities of daily living.  Women can have one less worry in their every day routines with regard to sun protection.  At the heart of this product, the mother-daughter team wants to be a part of women caring for the health and well-being of fellow women.