About the Sun Gluv

Sun Gluvs were designed specifically for protecting a prime area of aging and sun spots on a woman’s hands.

Sun Gluvs were created with women in mind who want to preserve and protect youthful skin in an active, healthy lifestyle. Liquid sunscreen on the hands does not provide a practical and effective solution to daily sun exposure resulting in aging skin. These gloves provide a constant, comfortable yet chic way to protect skin during all outdoor activities such as walking, running, swimming, biking and sunbathing.

Sun Gluv Features

  • Permanent UPF 50+
  • Quick Dry
  • Four-Way Stretch
  • Form Fitting

Permanent UPF 50+ material provides 98% protection against the ultra-violet rays. Unlike other sun protection clothing, which have a chemical base UPF that washes out over time, Sun Gluvs have a permanent protection weave that does not dissipate over time. They are lightweight, composed of breathable 82% nylon and 18% spandex. There is a dry-wicking component in which moisture moves away from the skin as air flows in for quick drying.

This feature combined with form-fitting, four way stretch in 3 sizes makes for a silky, second skin protective hand wear.  Our custom colors are designed to blend flawlessly with your natural glow or make a bold statement with onyx. The hands need protection 365 days a year. It is essential to avoid sun exposure to preserve healthy skin and youthful appearance.

“Sun Gluv has kept my skin looking young while I do all my everyday outdoor activities”

— Chris M.